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Home » 2015 » September » 3 » Alien hunters claim NASA image shows 'WOMAN standing on Mars acting as lookout'
9:31 AM
Alien hunters claim NASA image shows 'WOMAN standing on Mars acting as lookout'

Alien hunters claim NASA image shows 'WOMAN standing on Mars acting as lookout'


Investigators are hailing a major coup in the race to find proof of extra-terrestrial life after the 'miniature Martian' was spotted in NASA images of Mars beamed back to Earth from theirCuriosity Rover, a four-wheeled probe currently exploring the planet's surface.

They believe the picture shows a tiny human-like creature apparently acting as a lookout after spotting the NASA robot.

The scale of the image would make the 'being' only eight to 10cm tall - less than the size of a small coffee cup – according to website UFO Sightings Daily, who are highlighting the discovery.

Alien life hunter Scott C Waring posted: "The woman seems to have breasts…indicated by the shadow on its chest.

"We also see two arms that are lighter in colour and what looks like a head with long hair.

"It's hard to tell if this is a living being, or a statue of a being from long ago.

"However, a statue that small would be eroded and destroyed easily, so it has a higher chance of being a living being.

"Also it is facing the Curiosity Rover… watching it from a distance.

"This being is about 8-10 cm tall. This looks real.

"And it should concern every country in the world. There is life out there. "

A string of Earthly objects, carvings, beings and animals have been spotted in NASA's Curiosity Rover images by extra-terrestrial life investigators since they were first put online, including an amazing 'crab-like creature' last week.

NASA refuses to comment on any of the alleged discoveries, but most scientists believe it is just a psychological phenomenon known as pareidolia - when the brain tricks the eyes into spotting familiar objects and shapes in textures and patterns.

Online posters were sceptical of the images of a 'woman' on Mars, revealed in a YouTube video.

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