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Home » 2015 » September » 3 » WATCH: Was this the world's first ALIEN caught on camera?
9:33 AM
WATCH: Was this the world's first ALIEN caught on camera?

WATCH: Was this the world's first ALIEN caught on camera?

The title sequence of the video

Some viewers claim the blurry clip proves once and for all extra terrestrials are visiting Earth, while others have branded it a "pointless hoax".

The footage was first revealed by Mexican TV news channel El Mañana, who posted its news report to YouTube.

The video shows shows an odd, slender looking creature perched on a roof.

It jumps up and scrambles off after being spotted by the unidentified person behind the camera.

The video was said to have been captured this month in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico.

The clip has spread across a number of paranormal websites across the globe.

Brazil Weird News, who picked it up, reported: "In the outskirts of Nuevo Laredo city, in broad daylight, the owner of a ranch, hearing strange noises outside the house, decided to investigate. 


"Using the camera of his telephone, he got film (of) an elusive alien being with humanoid features.

"The creature apparently was naked exhibiting an extremely pink skin, moving on the roof of the residence."

It said the creature was "agile, slender, had long arms and legs, and a small head".

It added: "Perceiving he was being watched, the stranger fled, got out of the rancher's field of vision."

The El Mañana report suggested analysis of the video had found no evidence of cuts, CGI, animation, or special effects, suggesting it was "authentic'.

But several viewers were left unconvinced.

One said: "Why would an advanced alien sit naked on a rooftop to observe humans when he could easily use a satellite or God knows what other technology."

Another said: "This is clearly fake. I do believe that we are not alone but this video proves other wise."

Naked Then he is up and over before bolting out of view

And a third said he cracked how it was done, adding:"The light in the sky was so bright that it gave the impression of a small headed being. 

It was just an illusion created by the camera from the light bending around the guy's head."

But Scott C Waring, who edits UFO Sightings Daily, was interested by the "evidence"

He said: "I have to admit its interesting. Mexico is the most active country in the world for UFO and alien sightings

"No one knows why, but we do suspect there are many alien bases below most of Mexico's volcanos."

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