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Multiple choice questions on particles
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Multiple choice questions:

1. Which sentence best describes the known dimensions of physics?

a) There are two known dimensions: matter and antimatter
b) We live in a multi-dimensional universe with infinite dimensions
c) There are four known dimensions: length, height, width and weight
d) There are four known dimensions: Length, height, width and time

2. Our universe is dominated by… 

a) Ordinary matter
b) Dark matter
c) Dark energy
d) Equal amounts of all three

3. Fundamental or elementary particles are particles that aren't made up of smaller particles. What is the most common type of fundamental particle in the universe? 

a) Atom
b) Meson
c) Neutrino
d) Quark

4. What are the fundamental particles of an atom? 

a) Quarks, gluons and electrons
b) Protons, neutrons and electrons
c) The nucleus and electron orbits
d) An atom cannot be broken down into anything smaller than itself

5. What are fermions? 

a) Elements with ferrous metallic properties
b) Fundamental particles of matter
c) Hard subatomic solids
d) Groups of particles with the same charge or mass

6. What are bosons? 

a) Elementary crew members on merchant vessels
b) A term in particle physics used to describe matter
c) Subatomic particles that carry forces
d) An electron switch used in nano-circuits

7. Why are scientists looking for the so-called God particle or Higgs boson? 

a) They like crashing atoms together for fun
b) They want to find a force carrying particle that gives other particles mass
c) They want to find evidence of God
d) Because physicist Peter Higgs wants his boson back

8. What are mesons?

a) A type of composite particle produced by high energy
b) A contagious disease caught by subatomic particles
c) An antimatter version of the electron
d) A type of Japanese soup

9. Which of the following sentences about antimatter is NOT true: 

a) Antimatter is normal matter with an opposite charge
b) Antimatter is only produced in particle accelerators
c) Antimatter annihilates matter
d) Equal amounts of antimatter and matter were created during the Big Bang

10. What is super string?

a) Coloured material which can be sprayed out of cans and provide hours of fun for all ages
b) A time line in physics and chemical reactions needed for an effect to take place
c) Forces needed to hold atoms together
d) A hypothesis which attempts to explain the elementary particles of nature
Forum » Test category » Science club forum » Multiple choice questions on particles (Multiple choice questions on particles)
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