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Five steps to colonising Mars

It is easy to imagine that human civilisation on Mars is inevitable. However, before you put all your worldly possessions on eBay and sign-up for a new start in Gale Crater, it is worth considering the obstacles that have to be overcome to build a sustainable extraterrestrial colony. It is not going to be e ... Read more »

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Low oxygen 'delayed life on Earth'

Trilobite fossil - The trilobites are an extinct group of marine arthropods with a hard, segmented shell

There's been much debate about why animals took so long to evolve and t ... Read more »

Views: 783 | Added by: scienceclub | Date: 31-Oct-2014 | Comments (0)

Coming: The sixth mass extinction?

passenger pigeon

Five times in Earth’s history, some three-quarters of all living species disappeared forever — and within a short period of time. These mass-extinction events marked the boundaries between different periods in geologic time. Those species losses reflect a major shift in the planet’s ecology. Clue ... Read more »

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