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Gene editing creates buff beagles

buff beagles

A pair of buff beagles may have the edge in doggy body-building contests. Scientists in China changed the dogs’ genes to make the small hounds extra-muscular.

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Black hole smashup sent out ‘yottawatts’ of power


A black hole collision, detected last September, served as the basis for confirming the existence of gravity waves. Scientists were only able to see those waves, or the effects they had on space-time, because they came from an explosion that blasted out such an intensely big amount of power. That energy is measured in watts. And the ... Read more »

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Radios: Build your own!

Rafael Brustolin of Bom Principio, Brazil, patiently solders electronic components onto a circuit board. He and 23 other delegates from around the world spent part of their time at the Broadcom MASTERS International program building their own working radios

You’ve probably listened to music or sports on the radio. Teenage and tween-age researchers from around the world did ... Read more »

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