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Tiny microrobots team up and move full-size car

microtug robot

A group of ants can move objects many times larger and heavier than themselves. This ability inspired a team of researchers to develop small robots that can do the same thing. The team created 29-millimeter (1.1-inch) long robots that can get a firm grip on the ground. In tests, six of the ‘bots have just worked together to tow a full-size car.

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Newly discovered microbe keeps teeth healthy


What’s the best way to keep teeth healthy? The answer is simple. Regular brushing and flossing along with a diet low in sugary sweets and drinks. But the mouth also works to protect itself. In fact, some bacteria can halt or limit the tooth erosion that leads to decay, a new study finds. These germs naturally live in and around teeth. But not everyone& ... Read more »

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Bacteria use cool trick to make ice

artificial snow on a ski slope

Scientists have discovered how one microbe plays it cool.

Until now, it was a mystery how Pseudomonas syringaebacteria turn water into ice at temperatures above a normal freezing point. P. syringae&nb ... Read more »

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Hubble telescope snaps stunning pic for its 26th birthday

Hubble image of star and bubble of gas

Time to add another gorgeous space photo to the Hubble Space Telescope’s list of greatest hits. For the orbiting observatory’s 26th anniversary in space, astronomers ... Read more »

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