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HD 131399Ab: Scientists discover strange planet with three suns

An international team of astronomers have announced the discovery of a strange planet in a faraway solar system that contains not just one sun, but three.

The distant planet, named HD 131399Ab, appears even more unusual than the home planet of Luke Skywalker in the Star Wars saga, Tatooine, which orbited around two suns, according to the findings published in the US journal Science.

Such binary solar systems may be relatively common in the universe, but experts said those involving three stars or more were rare.

"Imagine this: a planet where you'd either experience constant daylight or enjoy triple sunrises and sunsets each day, depending on the seasons, which happen to last longer than human lifetimes," a statement from the University of Arizona, which led the astronomy team, read. < ... Read more »
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Volcanic rocks can quickly turn pollution into stone

Transforming ‘greenhouse’ gas into solid rock may be better than other methods at fighting climate change

Converting CO2

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