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To encourage Young Scientists, The Indian Science Congress Association has instituted a number of awards in different disciplines. These awards carry a sum of Rs.25,000/- besides a Certificate of Merit. Applications are invited from members (Life & Annual) of the Association who have paid their subscription on or before July 15, 2016. The upper age limit of the candidates for the award is 32 years as reckoned on December 31, 2016 ( born on and after January 01,1985)

Four copies of the abstract (not exceeding 100 words) along with four copies of full length paper must reach the office of the General Secretary (Membership Af ... Read more »

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2015 RR245: New Dwarf Planet Discovered in Solar System’s Kuiper Belt

Astronomers have discovered a new dwarf planet in the Kuiper Belt, a vast ring of icy debris that is encircling the outer rim of our Solar System just beyond the gas giant Neptune.

Discovery image of 2015 
		<!-- ... Read more »

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