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Reversing ants navigate successfully despite going backwards

Scampering across the salt pans of Tunisia on their spindly legs, desert ants (Cataglyphis fortis) have a single-minded mission: locate food and get it back to the nest. Normally, individual raiders bear a tasty morsel in their mandibles and navigate home along the most direct return route, regardless of how tortuous th ... Read more »

Views: 368 | Added by: Team-scienceclub | Date: 21-Jul-2016 | Comments (0)

That’s no moon: Earth’s tiny tagalong

Asteroid orbits sun but sticks close to Earth

asteroid orbit

Earth has a newly discovered companion. It’s not another moon, though. ... Read more »

Views: 394 | Added by: Team-scienceclub | Date: 21-Jul-2016 | Comments (0)

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